Section 179 Limits For 2014

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The first year deduction limit for equipment purchases under IRS Code Section 179 is $25,000 for 2014.  This is a substantial reduction from the $500,000 limit imposed for the year 2013.  To make matters even worse for clients planning on starting new practices this year, bonus depreciation, which allowed the immediate deduction of 50% of the cost of new equipment purchases, is not available at all for 2014.  Furthermore, previously eligible leasehold improvements no longer qualify to be deducted under Code Section 179.  Unless or until our dysfunctional Congress gets its act together and decides to replace these incentives for start-up businesses, it will increase the after tax cost of entry into private practice.  For more information, call our office and we will be glad to discuss this and other issues that you should take into consideration when deciding whether or when to start a practice. 

Ten Common Mistakes Young Dentists Make and

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Ten Common Mistakes Young Dentists Make and
What They Can Do to Avoid Them

10. Trying to pay off student loans or other debt too fast.
 Goal should be creating savings, not “getting out of debt.”
 Taxes higher if no debt.
 Principal reduction of debt is not deductible.

9. Doing their own accounting.
 Spend your “free” time doing things you enjoy, not learning accounting.
 Makes income tax preparation easier and less expensive because records are more reliable.
 Cost is less than half the fee for a crown.

8. Not keeping business and personal financial transactions separate.
 Makes income tax preparation more difficult.
 Exposure to potential IRS adjustments in the event of an audit.

7. Doing their own payroll, including making payroll tax deposits.
 Mistakes are costly.
 Penalties can run 15% of taxes deposited late.
 Outside services specialize in payroll and are not expensive.

6. Hiring friends or family or other inexperienced people to work in the dental practice.
 Hurts practice to have inexperienced staff dealing with patients, especially front desk.
 Hurts practice to have inexperienced staff dealing with filing insurance claims for patients.

5. Putting off setting up a retirement plan until out of debt.
 Review different types of plans and establish one as soon as you start working.
 Can retire in 20 years if save consistently.

4. Focusing too much on interest rates and not monthly payment when borrowing money.
 Focus should be on cash flow, monthly payment.
 Longer term loans are better for creating savings and lowering taxes

3. Not setting up the proper type of business entity. Partially depends on ownership of real estate.

2. Not setting up their business entity early enough.
 Why incorporate? And when?
 Current school of thought is to set up a business entity as soon as you start working.
 Can begin funding a retirement plan.
 Can deduct certain costs against the income generated from dentistry services.

1. Not setting up your “team” soon enough.
 Attorney to review office lease, contracts, employment agreements, entity formation, etc.
 CPA financial advisor to advise on setting up business entities, retirement plans, arrange financing and to review contracts from a tax perspective.

The deadline is Tuesday, October 15th. Please be aware: Monday, October 14th, is a USPS holiday in observance of Columbus Day!

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For those of you who have already filed your 2012 tax returns, CONGRATULATIONS!

For those of you who still need to get that handled, the deadline is Tuesday, October 15th. Please be aware, however, that, Monday, October 14th, is a USPS holiday in observance of Columbus Day which means there are only 4 mailing days remaining. FedEx and UPS are qualified alternative shipping methods for any returns not being mailed to a PO Box. Returns sent by FedEx and UPS must be sent using overnight or 2 day service.

Our best,

RT Edwards & Associates PC

Insurance Partner

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Good afternoon,

In an effort to better service our clients’ needs, we have recently partnered with Eric Corcoran with ABG Services.

He will serve as our in-house source “FOR ALL THINGS” Insurance related. As an extension of our firm, Eric will be able to answer any questions you may have, and assist you in handling your insurance needs and requirements.

As you know, Eric is also our partner for credit card processing (MeritCard), so you may have seen his name in previous communication.

Since he has done a great job of serving our clients for merchant services, and since he can expand our firm’s knowledge and expertise in all areas of insurance, we have decided that the best choice to serve you as our insurance partner.

Please feel free to contact Eric with any questions on insurance and/or for a review of your current policies. In addition, he is always available to review your merchant services to see if he can reduce your rates or improve the level of service.

Eric Corcoran
ABG Business Services
Vice President
C: 214-616-1984
F: 817-439-2487


Affect of Gov’t Shutdown on IRS

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Please be aware that if you have issues that need to be resolved with the IRS, there are significant limitations currently to receiving a prompt resolution. The IRS was already greatly delayed in processing returns and refunds due to budget cuts and layoffs and now is almost completely on furlough. Your obligations as to tax laws and filing and paying deadlines remain unchanged and in place, but services from the IRS are severely limited.

“The government shutdown, which began Tuesday morning, has kept home an estimated 800,000 federal employees, including more than 85,000 who work for the IRS, according to the agency’s contingency plan. That leaves slightly more than 9 percent of the IRS staff on the job.” Read more:

IRS Operations During The Lapse In Appropriations
No live telephone customer service assistance will be available and IRS walk-in taxpayer assistance centers will be closed. Automated IRS notices will continue to be mailed. The IRS will not be working any paper correspondence during this period.
How does this affect you?
• You should continue to file and pay taxes as normal. Individuals who requested an extension of time to file should file their returns by Oct. 15, 2013.
• All other tax deadlines remain in effect, including those covering individuals, corporations, partnerships and employers. The regular payroll tax deadlines remain in effect as well.
• The processing of paper returns will be delayed until full government operations resume. Payments accompanying paper tax returns will still be accepted as the IRS receives them.
• Tax refunds will not be issued until normal government operations resume.
What IRS services will be available?
For taxpayers seeking assistance, only the automated applications on the regular 800-829-1040 telephone line will remain open.

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