Dr. Sharon Tiger’s Testimonial

“Whenever a fellow dentist asks how my practice got to the point where it is today in such a short time, I simply tell them it is because of Dr. Sharon Tiger. Not only have my monthly practice numbers more than tripled since our first consult with Sharon just three short years ago, but my staff is happier and working under less stressful conditions. I was initially worried about the consultation fee, but I more than recuperated the cost the first month after the consult. I hate to wonder where I would be today without Sharon Tiger guiding me.” Dr. Steven M. White – Huntersville, North Carolina “Sharon has been a part of our practice since 1990. She has helped our office become a million-dollar practice. She’s great with systems, communication skills, and teamwork. With her help my staff cares about the practice like I do!” Dr. Dean A. Tyrer – Jonesboro, Arkansas“Sharon Tiger has the ability to take an average practice and transform it into an extraordinary one! Anyone anywhere can benefit from her systems and expertise and improve their practice tremendously. In my case, it was almost overnight and the best return on any investment I’ve ever made!”Dr. Jerry Johnson and staff – Waterloo, Iowa “Sharon’s dedication of time and self, along with her uncanny ability to coach people and encourage them in their strengths while supporting them in their weaknesses are what make Sharon an invaluable asset to our practice!”
Drs. Brown, Reynolds & Stein – Richmond, Virginia

Dr. Sharon Tiger Contact Information: 214-673-8399 – txtiger2@gmail.com